Diamond Chapter

Mini Road Run

The AMCA Diamond Chapter of Arkansas held its 5th Annual Historic Downtown Hot Springs Mini Road Run on Sunday June 28th. We met at the Transportation Depot around 11:00 and started signing in. There were 13 motorcycles including 2 riders( James Eads and Lee Coltharp ) that came all the way from Louisiana to participate in the event. As always, there was an interesting assortment of antique motorcycles. Some bikes had been on past mini road runs but there were a few that made their mini run debut including James Sandage's beautiful 1948 Whizzer and 1952 Mustang and Ron Herrons 1958 JAWA (which is an interesting story in itself). After a short riders meeting Greg Bright led the "pack" out onto the street about noon. Butch and Pat Jones followed in the chase truck just in case someone broke down.

We went up Central Ave. rounded the fountain and came back down. The town was full of people and many marveled at the sight. As we made our way up West Mountain, James Sandage peddled to help the Whizzer to the top. Russell Plunkett 1948 Mustang got stuck in 1st gear but we all made it to the top. While at the overlook a group of motorcyclists from out of town pulled up. Pat Jones asked them if they were the "Wild Hogs". They had come to Hot Springs for a Sunday ride and were pleasantly surprised to see our group of antique motorcycles. While we visited they took pictures and I was reminded that this is the reason to get these machines out and keep them going.

We cranked up and headed down the mountain (James said he didn't have to peddle on this part) and through the residential streets that run along the north side of Park Ave. stopping at the pond on the Rix property. Ahh, the smell of hot motor oil. We then went on to Gulpha Gorge where Linda Bright was waiting with refreshments. There we had a short meeting. Mike Parker presented trivia questions which Butch Jones won. Awards were presented. Russell Plunketts 1948 Mustang won Oldest, Eric Sandage 1962 Harley Davidson M50 won Smallest, and James Sandage 1948 Whizzer won Smallest Oldest as well as the Neato award. It was great weather, a great day, and a great ride. A fun time was had by all.

We need a secretary ASAP
Let me know if you can fill in for awhile.

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Bike of the Month

1958 JAWA twin-Roadster (354)

The old rust-bucket is all original (except for battery and rear tire) with just over 5000 miles. It came over directly from Slovenia (Made in Czechoslovakia). I bought it from a recent immigrant who came over for work in Chicago. It hadn't been started in many decades but was not seized up. It took some work to get running and the generator working but appears to be a good piece of machinery and made the "road-run" without any problems. I am very pleased to own it. I have looked for one of these for years. They are hard to find complete and original. Thanks again. Ron Herron

Quote of the Month

For you guys who like to go fast!

" I was riding real good, right up till I crashed "
"You don't know how fast you can go till you crash "
"Gear, because walking away in disgust is better than riding away in a Ambulance"
Just be careful out there, Please!!

Closing Comments

September 12th Antique Motorcycles in the Park show is just a few weeks away and lots of things to do, so please help in anyway you can. Hand out fliers, Talk to riders about putting bikes in the show, send out emails, ETC.

We need to start promoting the show now.

Fill out your entry forms ASAP and get them to me. This is our big event so let's try to 100 bikes plus and have a lot of fun.

Ride em, don't hide em,
Michael Thomson
Diamond Chapter of Arkansas
Antique Motorcycle Club Of America

Motorcycle terms:
Bagger: A big touring bike with hard saddle bags, a fairing so wide you can barely see around it and a front wheel big enough to be on an Escalade.