Diamond Chapter

Whoa the Weather!

February and March has just been terrible weather, so not much has happened. My trip to Jefferson was rained out. Maybe we will get some good riding weather this week. Looks like 70 degrees with a 30% chance of rain for the meeting on Sunday. Ride your motorcycle to the meeting and bring a friend, Weather permitting. Lots of events coming up. We will plan a ride next month to Glenwood on April 25 for our next meeting and talk about up coming events ( see up coming events )

E. J. Cole Auction

E.J. Cole put his collection of over 200 Antique Motorcycles up for auction in Las Vegas March 20 & 21. You can see auction results at Mecum Auctions The World's Largest Collector Car Auction.

A 1907 Harley Davidson strap tank sold for $650,000. A flying Merkle sold for $375,000. I wish i could have been there.

Web Sites of Interest

Carson Classic Motors: carsonclassicmotors.com Info on the Carson Cannonball team and info on Buck and the youth program.

Cherokee Chapter: cherokeeamca.org Great reading and info on the Pate Swap Meet.

What's in the Barn: velocity.com/tv-shows/whats-in-the-barn Great Show.

Antique Motorcycle Club of America: antiquemotorcycle.org Lots of info. Great info on facebook.

Motorcycle Classics Magazine: motorcycleclassics.com

North Texas Norton Owners Association: NTNOA.org

Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Association: ozarkvma.com.

Buck Carson's Radio Show : roadhawgs.net.

Fix my Hog fixmyhog.com/. Video, Q & A, blog and store very useful!

Mecum Auctions | The World's Largest Collector Car Auction mecum.com. Las Vegas Motorcycle auction results.


Bike of the Month

See the Mecum web site above for the 1907 Harley Davidson Tank strap that sold for $650,000. Wish I had a couple of them.

Quote of the Month

Closing Comments

Will the bad weather ever go away? To quote Popeye " I've had all I can stands, I can't stands no more"

Fun Events in April:

  • Diamond Don's vintage Moto Cross and car show in Jefferson Texas, 16-19.
  • Glenwood Caddo River Festival the 25th. Let's do a ride there.
  • Pate Swap Meet, Texas motor Speedway, April 30-May 3.
  • Auction in Cuba MO. May 6-9.

Several club member will be going to these events. Plan ahead if you are going.

See you at the meeting!

Ride em, don't hide em,
Michael Thomson
Diamond Chapter of Arkansas
Antique Motorcycle Club Of America