Diamond Chapter


"It's show time" September 6th at Hill Wheatley Plaza. Only a few days before "The Really Big Show". I need your entry form ASAP. Click here for full size flier.

Diamond Chapter members will be at Hill Wheatley Plaza at 6:00 am on September 6th to unload bikes and set up. If you are trailering your bikes please be there as early as you can. The show is on Central Ave, at the visitors center between Spring st and Reserve st. Please turn on Reserve st. and turn right into the parking lot, pull forward, park and unload. Parking for trailers, turn left on spring st, turn left into the parking lot behind the Federal Building.

If you are riding your bike please be there by 8:00 am. Show starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm. You can enter a bike at the last minute for $10.00, no plaque. Call Mike at 501-525-9833, cell # 214-557-6012 for more info.

Antique Motorcycles in the Park 2013


will be Thursday September 4th at Mike Thomson's house 143 Leta Lane. Everyone who enters a bike in the show is welcome and all members of the Diamond Chapter. Susie has hired Billy Ross and Jerry Welch to do the cooking like last year. Briskets, pork, potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans will be served. Everyone is encouraged to bring a dessert. Drinks will be furnished, BYOB or Beer.

Party starts at 4:00 pm and food will be served around 6:30.

See ya there !!!!, Susie Parker

FRIDAY is a Motorcycle Ride Day

Meet at Mike's house around 10.00 am. We will ride up to Blakely Dam and then to Glenwood for lunch at the fish nest and then home for a dip in the pool and some adult beverages and make ready for Saturday morning.

CYCLES-N-RODZ Grand Opening:

The Club had 15 bikes on display inside the shop on the work racks in the air conditioning. Several members were present. There was music, door prizes, and food, that ran out , but they got more. A very large crowd was present and they had a golf cart to shuttle people from the parking lots. The grand opening was great and we wish them success.

Thanks for asking the Diamond Chapter to be present.

Web Sites of Interest

Buck Carson is now the youth director for the AMCA and is doing a great job. for more information go to: http://www.carsonclassicmotors.com/ or his face book page. We need young members involved.

Cherokee Chapter: http://www.cherokeeamca.org/ Great reading and info on the Road Run.

What's in the Barn: www.velocity.com/tv-shows/whats-in-the-barn/ A new season will start soon.

Antique Motorcycle Club of America: http://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/ Lots of info. Great info on facebook.

Carson Classic Motors: http://www.carsonclassicmotors.com/ Info on the Carson Cannonball team and info on Buck and the youth program.

Cannon ball ride: http://www.motorcyclecannonball.com/ Info on the Cannon Ball Run.

OK. Swap meet: http://www.jwswapmeet.com/ Info on Swap meets in OK.

For Sale

Thomson's collection of motorcycles, 11 motorcycles for sale, 5 Harley's, 2 BMW'S, 1 1934 BSA. 2 Triumph Hurricanes, & 1 Rudge. Call 501-525-9833. cell # 214-557-6012

Bike of the Month

1958 Indian Apache ( Royal Enfield )being restored by Greg bright.

Quote of the Month

"I am a non-denominational motorcycle rider, I'll ride anything and the best motorcycle is the one I am on."

Closing Comments

The 7th Annual Motorcycles in the Park, Can you believe we have been doing this show for seven years. We have come a long way since the first show. We had 54 bikes in the first show at the Arlington Lawn and it rained like hell.

Last year was by far the best show ever, we had 108 bikes, great weather, and lots of people all day.

I would like to thank everyone for all the work that goes into making this show a great success and to everyone who has put their bikes in the show.I have had nothing but positive comments about the show. Really makes me proud to be involved with the show.

I would also like to thank Fred Anderson and the Hot Springs Rally for putting on a great rally.

See you at the meeting on Sunday.

Ride em, don't hide em,
Michael Thomson
Diamond Chapter of Arkansas
Antique Motorcycle Club Of America

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