Diamond Chapter

Diamond Chapter 4th Annual Mini Road Run

The 4th Annual Mini Road Run was a great success with 16 riders and great weather. The video below pretty much says it all. Thanks to Berry Landen for the video, great job.

All riders and a couple of passengers gathered at the transportation depot around noon. After a short riders meeting Motorcycles were started to warm up the engines and go over last minute details. The riders left at about 12:20 and went through down town Hot Springs on Central ave. We worked our way up to West Mountain for a short break. A little girl in a car said "That sure is a weird looking motorcycle gang but they have some nice bikes".

We left West Mountain and worked our way through the back streets to the next stop at the small lake. Then from there to Gulpha Gorge for a picnic with mini sandwiches, mini drinks, meat balls, chips and mini ice cream sandwiches. The meal was great and everyone had plenty to eat.

We had one bike break down and it was not me this time. Thanks Russ and Julia Norris for doing the chase truck duties. The rest of the bikes did really well. James Sandage even got his Harley M50 up to 40 mph.

The Chapter meeting was started around 2:00. See minutes for details on meeting. Linda gave out awards for smallest bike, oldest bike, smallest older bike, and the 'Neato' award went to Ron Herring. We all had a great time with a great bunch of people.

See you there next year,


Cycles-n-Rodz Grand Opening (See Flier)

A New shop in town will have their Grand Opening July 26th from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please attend the grand opening. The shop is state of the art. A must see. Ride your vintage bike and put it display for a few hours and promote the club. Get to know the mechanics and Lanny is the parts man. Food will be served around noon.

Greg Bright will be setting up a table for the Club. I will be in Mississippi for a fund raiser for a friend who had a stroke. I will be back for the meeting Sunday.

We all wish them well in there new business.

Antique Motorcycles in the Park

September 6th Is only a few weeks away and there is lots to do. Please take fliers at the meeting, make copies and start handing them out to your friends and make sure motorcycle shops and businesses get them.

Several friends from Texas have said they will be bring bikes to display even though many will be riding in the Cannon Ball run. We need to have over 100 bikes again this year so talk to everyone you know who would like to show a bike.

Entry Forms are on the web site. Please fill out one form per bike and get them to me ASAP so I don't get behind.

Let's strive to have another great show like last year. I am already working with the city to get things done. We need everyone to help so ask what you can do at the meeting or call me.

Web Sites of Interest

Buck Carson is now the youth director for the AMCA and is doing a great job. for more information go to: http://www.carsonclassicmotors.com/ or his face book page. We need young members involved.

Cherokee Chapter: http://www.cherokeeamca.org/ Great reading and info on the Road Run.

What's in the Barn: www.velocity.com/tv-shows/whats-in-the-barn/ A new season will start soon.

Antique Motorcycle Club of America: http://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/ Lots of info. Great info on facebook.

Carson Classic Motors: http://www.carsonclassicmotors.com/ Info on the Carson Cannonball team and info on Buck and the youth program.

Cannon ball ride: http://www.motorcyclecannonball.com/ Info on the Cannon Ball Run.

OK. Swap meet: http://www.jwswapmeet.com/ Info on Swap meets in OK.

For Sale

Thomson's collection of motorcycles, 11 motorcycles for sale, 5 Harley's, 2 BMW'S, 1 1934 BSA. 2 Triumph Hurricanes, & 1 Rudge. Call 501-525-9833. cell # 214-557-6012

BSA PARTS for sale: 2 complete BSA650 engines, 1 stock frame, 1 hard tail frame. Call Sean @ 501-463-9066

Bike of the Month

Mike Thomson's 1973 Triumph Hurricanes. I am the original owner of one of these and it was my only transportation in the early 1970's. I rode that Hurricane from San Diego, Ca up the California coast to Canada and back in 1975, over 6500 miles. I had the time of my life.

Quote of the Month

"TRIUMPH Motorcycles:
transforming ordinary men into mechanics
since 1903."

Antique Motorcycles in the Park 2013

Closing Comments

Antique Motorcycles in the Park is A # 1 priority. Please do all you can to promote this event. This the Clubs signature event, let's make this one our best show yet, even though it will hard to top last year.

I think I found a shop to look at my BMW ABS brakes. Thanks to Karen at John's Honda for telling me about Al's Cycle Center in North Little Rock. I am taking them the bike next week. I will report on what happens. Hope they can trouble shoot it. They have a BMW mechanic.

See you at the meeting on Sunday.

Ride em, don't hide em,
Michael Thomson
Diamond Chapter of Arkansas
Antique Motorcycle Club Of America