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June 2014 Newsletter


The 4th Annual Diamond Chapter Motorcycle & Scooter Mini Road Run will be held Sunday June 29th. Staging is at the Transportation Depot on Broadway in Hot Springs, AR. at 11:15 am. The riders’ meeting is at 11:45 am. The line up and start is at noon (maybe). This Road Run is open to all riders with small street legal motorcycles. Of course anyone is welcome to ride. The more the merrier. Big bikes go to the rear of the pack. The course is a grueling 12 miles with speeds of 25 mph or less. The course may very if we get lost. I have never been lost, I was just changing directions.

We’ll be leaving the Transportation Depot and riding through down town Hot Springs, dodging traffic. Then we head up Prospect St. with dangerous hidden drive ways and speed bumps. Then turn right up the steep grade and though the woods to the top of West mountain. We’ll take a break at the top (altitude of several hundred feet) to let over heated motors cool off. Then down the winding turns of the north face of West Mountain to the bottom at break neck speeds of 28 mph. Then we ride through back streets at speeds of 20 mph or less. We’ll turn on to Mountain Valley road for a couple of miles under trees over the road, blocking out the sun. We’ll take another break at the water wheel to catch our breath and prepare for the final leg of the journey. We’ll travel to Hwy 7, turn right, and then left on to Gulpha Gorge. Watch your speed, posted at 30 mph. Turn at the entrance of the camp ground. We’ll park at the Diamond Chapter Picnic area. Shut off your race machines to relax with a cold beverage and snacks and talk about the ride with other riders. Awards will be presented at the meeting.

Join us for a fun day, the weather looks good. NO adult supervision will be provided. Ride at your own risk. You will need to sign a release form and have insurance. Bring extra spark plugs. See you there. For more information call Mike at 501-525-9833 or email: safari100usa@yahoo.com.

We will need someone to drive the chase truck as Butch will be out of town, Please let me know if you want to drive, you can use my truck and trailer. Also we will need to know how many will attend so we can buy supplies. Linda will need help, so please volunteer and let her know ASAP.

See you there,

Michael Thomson

Diamond Chapter Officers:

President: Michael Thomson safari100usa@yahoo.com
Vice President: Greg Bright thebrights@hotmail.com
Secretary: Elizabeth Plunkett faultless8@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Linda Bright thebrights@hotmail.com
Sgt. at Arms: Russell Plunkett faultless8@yahoo.com
Director: Mike Parker mikethebike@cablelynx.com

Note: Dues are due in June. Pay $15.00 per person at the meeting or mail them in (see the form on web site).

Jed Simpson, Al Kahiker, David Keyser

Diamond Chapter Shirts are now available. Please see Linda.

Diamond Chapter May Minutes:
The regular meeting was called to order by Greg Bright in Mt Ida Arkansas. The club set up during the Good Ole Days Car and Motorcycle show. There were four members present. There was a lot of positive response to the club's booth and it was a good day.

There were five motorcycles in the show; three of which were Diamond Chapter entries. Greg Bright placed first with a 1972 Harley Legerro. Mike Parker won second place with a 1978 Yamaha 650 and Butch Jones showed his 1957 Cushman Eagle.

Members discussed the efforts of Buck Carson to promote youth involvement in the national club. Butch made the point that most motorcyclists start out with bicycles and that we could sponsor events for youngsters to get them involved and promote their interest in antique motorcycles.

No treasurers report.

The next meeting will be the 4th Annual Historic Downtown Hot Springs Mini Road Run beginning at noon at the Transportation Plaza Sunday June 29th.

Respectfully Submitted by Greg Bright.

Arizona Trip:
I had a great time riding around the Grand Canyon and that part of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a very big hole in the ground but it is beautiful. Put it on your bucket list.

I met up with friends from all over the USA. I guess there were around 30 of us. We represented 12 States: CA, TX, AR, LA, VA, MA, IN to name a few. We stayed in Williams, AZ a cool little town with cowboys and staged gun fights at night. Williams is about 55 miles from the canyon entrance. Arizona has a lot of straight roads and miles between stops. I think we road over 550 miles. It was good seeing old friends and we had a great time.

Next year the PFMC (you need to ask me what that stands for) will be heading to Sturgis SD for the rally.


Ozark Vintage Motorcycle Show:
Greg and Linda Bright went to the OVMA motorcycle show in North West Arkansas last weekend. There were over 50 vintage motorcycles on display. Greg and Linda set up a table for our club to help promote “The Antique Motorcycles in the Park” in September. Greg said they had a great time, met a lot of people, and had good response about our show. They handed out a lot of fliers. Greg will talk about this at the meeting on Sunday.

Buck Carson is now the youth director for the AMCA and is doing a great job. for more information go to: http://www.carsonclassicmotors.com/  or his face book page. We need young members involved.

Web sites of interest:
Cherokee Chapter: http://www.cherokeeamca.org/  Great reading and info on the Road Run.
What's in the Barn: www.velocity.com/tv-shows/whats-in-the-barn/ A new season will start soon.
Antique Motorcycle Club of America: http://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/  Lots of info. Great info on facebook.
Carson Classic Motors: http://www.carsonclassicmotors.com/  Info on the Carson Cannonball team and info on Buck and the youth program.
Cannon ball ride: http://www.motorcyclecannonball.com/.  Info on the Cannon Ball Run.
OK. Swap meet: http://www.jwswapmeet.com/  Info on Swap meets in OK.

BMW ABS BRAKE Specialist to help me troubleshoot my 02 BMW RT ASB brakes. Help!!!!!! Call Mike at 501-525-9833, cell 214-557-6012

For Sale:
Thomson's collection of motorcycles, 12 motorcycles for sale: 5 Harley's, 2 BMWs, a 1934 BSA blue star, 2 Triumph Hurricanes, and 1 Rudge. Call 501-525-9833, cell 214-557-6012.

BSA  PARTS  for sale: Two complete BSA 650 engines, both turn over.  One stock frame, One hard tail frame, parts. Call Sean @ 501-463-9066

June 29 - Diamond Chapter Mini Road Run and June meeting, Hot Springs. Ride a small bike a few miles to the Diamond Chapter meeting.

Sept. 6 - Antique Motorcycles in the Park. Click here for entry form. Below is a video of last year’s show.

Bike of the Month:
1957 Cushman owned by Butch Jones at the Mt. Ida show with a 1957 Chevy in the back ground.

Closing Comments:
September will be here before you know it, so start thinking about and promoting The Antique Motorcycles in the Park. We need poster and flier ideas

See you on Sunday for the Mini Road Run.

Ride em , don't hide em,
Michael Thomson
President, Diamond Chapter of Arkansas Antique Motorcycle Club of America